Our Projects

Based on technical and professional experts working at APP Group, they could execute numerous projects in both governmental and personal sections.

Some Project Photos

You can find some executed projects by APP Group in below:

1-     Central department of Tehran University of Medical Sciences (2 Halls)

2-     Carpet Museum

3-     Museum of Fine Arts

4-     Iranian cultural heritage, handicrafts, and tourism org.

5-     Agriculture Faculty of Tehran Uni.

6-     Imam Port Petrochemical co. Central building

7-     Central Bank of Iran (2 Halls)

8-     Tehran university science and technology park

9-     Iranian Research Institute of Plant Protection

10-   I.R.I. Police

11-   Azad Islamic University. Mahshahr branch

12-   Imam Port Petrochemical co. . Aab-Nirou co.

13-   Iranian space Agency (2 Halls)

14-   Metanir company ( correlated with Power Ministry)

15-   Asaluye Petrochemical campus

16-   Imam Port Petrochemical co. . Chogha-khor recreational complex

17-   Social security org.

18-   Produce and development of Marin Equipment co.

19-   Defense Ministry

20-   Fars Province House and Urban Development central office

21-   ICT Ministry (2 Halls)

22-   Kashan University of Medical Sciences

23-   Azad Islamic University. Ardestan branch

24-   Lorestan Agriculture Jihad

25-   Paksan co.

26-   Ahvaz Sepah Pasdaran

27-   Persian Gulf Star Petroleum co. (2 Halls)

28-   Naji Gostar co. (I.R.I. Police) (3 Halls)

29-   Culture and Islamic Guidance

30-   Agriculture Bank, Education Center

31-   Qeshm Gas Refinery

32-   Mehrabad International airport

33-   Khatam Building Org. (5 Halls)

34-   Tehran Metro. Central Office

35-   Tehran City Hall. 22 region

36-   Rahaab Institute

37-   Iran Red Crescent org.

38-   Mellat Bank. Sistan-o-Baluchestan Head office

39-   Asaluyeh Petrochemical. Nasr Consortium co. (2 Halls)

40-   I.R.I. Custom House Cultural Complex

41-   Kowsar Complex (2 Halls)

42-   Boustan Shopping Center

43-   I.R.I. Police central office. Tehran Command

44-   Defense Ministry. Advance university of National Defense

45-   Karaj city hall

46-   Forecasting research center

47-   Mahshahr Petrochemical special economic zone. Afarinesh Hall

48-   Defense Ministry. Holy Defense Museum

49-   Science and Technology Ministry. Science and Technology Museum

50-   Tehran City Hall. Headquarters

51-   Be,sat Org.

52-   IT & Computer Union

53-   I.R.I Custom House. Jolfa

54-   Mahshahr Petrochemical special economic zone. Maroun Petrochemical

55-   Central Library of Tehran University of Medical Science. Shahid Hemmat campus

56-   Maskan Bank. Isfahan Data Center

57-   International Communication. Tehran University of Medical Science

58-   Mahak Hospital

59-   Mashhad Holy Shrine Department (3 Halls)

60-   I.R.I Custom House. Central Building

61-   Yasouj Province Dep.

62-   Tehran University of Medical Science. Health branch

63-   FAVA headquarters. Sepah Pasdaran Army

64-   Hashemi Nejad Gas Refinery

65-   Tehran University Research center

66-   I.R.I. TV and Radio

67-   Tabriz University of Medical Science

68-   Tehran Virtual University of Medical Science

69-   Irancell Central Office (4 Halls)

70-   Ma insurance co. . Mellat Bank

71-   Mahshahr Petrochemical special economic zone. Shimi-Baft co.

72-   Tehran Tax central office

73-   Najmiyeh Hospital

74-   Justice Ministry

75-   Police Uni. . Ghadir recreational complex

76-   Defense Ministry. Hava-Faza org.

77-   I.R.I. Judiciary Human Rights Council

78-   Tose-eh insurance co.

79-   Tehran University of Medical Science. Ramsar recreational complex

80-   Petroleum Industry Health Org.

81-   Port Authority of Khouzestan province. Imam Port

82-   Petroleum Ministry. Building No. 4

83-   Asaluyeh Petrochemical . Faraab co.

84-   Parmida Hotel. Shahroud

85-   Tehran University of Medical Science. Endocrinology and Metabolism Research Institute

86-   Imam Reza Bank

87-   Information Organization of I.R.I. Judiciary

88-   Khod-Afarin Command

89-   Faculty of Humanity. Tarbiat Modarres Uni.

90-   Mahshahr City Hall

91-   Rasht International Airport

92-   Qazvin Islamic Urban Council

93-   Interior Ministry

94-   Baghiat-allah Hospital

95-    Petroleum Ministry, Retirement Office

96-    Tabatabayi Uni. , Law faculty

97-    Tehran University of Medical Science. Darman branch (2 Halls)

98-    Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Science. Rehabilitation center

99-   Tose’e Ta’avon Bank, Isfahan Province Headquarters

100-   Imam Hossein Uni. (5 Halls)

101-   National Iranian South Oilfields co. (2 Halls)

102-   I.R.I. TV and Radio. Development and Technology branch

103-   Mehr-e Iran Bank. Chahar Mahal –o- Bakhtiari Headquarters

104-   Tehran Wagon co.

105-   Regional Electricity co. , Mazandaran

106-   Iranian Oil Pipeline and Telecommunication Company

107-   Presidential Office. Science and Technology branch

108-   Yazd University of Medical Sciences

109-   Road and Urban Development headquarters. Lar. Fars province

110-   Health Ministry, Food and Medicine Laboratories

111-   Presidential Office. Science and Technology branch, Space researches section

112-   Novin Insurance co. , Central Office

113-   Shahid Madani Uni. Eastern Azerbayjan province

114-   Tehran University of Medical Science. Students ..

115-   SABIR co.

116-   Boushehr Gas co.

117-   Iran Helicopter Company

118-   Bahman Hospital. Tehran

119-   I.R.I. Central Bank, Advanced Banking Educations

120-   Asia Tech co. (ISP)

121-   Tabatabayi Uni. , Accounting and Management faculty

122-   Industry and Mine Bank, Boushehr province headquarters

123-   Qom Construction Engineering Organization

124-   SEPASAD co. , Tehran Metro, Line 7

125-   Kharazmi Network Developers co.

126-   Paris Mall- Tehran (PA System)

127-   Royal Mall – Tehran (PA System)

128-   Iran Fara Bourse (PA System)


And several other governmental and private organizations and companies