Display Screens

Grandview Crystal Screen Co. Ltd. is one of the most innovative and influential projection screen manufacturers, offering a complete line of internationally recognized projection screens. In 1999, Grandview originated and was established in Canada. Today, Grandview’s research and development and manufacturing factory is located in the Panyu District of Guangzhou City in China. 

logo_small_blk2Projection screens are used in applications in over 80 countries worldwide. Grandview is the official supplier of the China Government and the standard for numerous projection screens. Throughout the years, Grandview has gained numerous titles and certificates which showcase the consistent and ever growing nature of the company.

Since This company always regards new ideas and innovations, has launched to supply high-quality display screens from Grandview Company.
CNV Series

In size of 80, 100, 120 inches

Elegant Series

Suitable for Amphi Theatre and Conference Hall, in size of 150 , 200 inches

U-Work Series

In size of 32, 50, 60 inches
Extreme Portability: the 40″ U-Work screen only weighs 1.3KG.
Using the self-standing arm, the screen can be stopped at any desired position.
One button locking mechanism allows the screen to be unlocked automatically when turning out the base foot.

Floor-Up Series

 The world’s first Portable Motorized Floor-Up screen
 Mechanical and Motorized screens

Recessed Ceiling Motorized Screen
Curved Fixed-Frame Screens

 Ability of display HD & Full HD movies



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